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Essex Laser Mayhem

Pick Laser Mayhem for your Essex stagweekend if you're into totally immersive war games. This makes laser tag looklike a playground game!

We've stumbled across the ultimate combatarena. Located in the wilds of Essex, it's about as realistic as you canpossibly get. Think crashed planes, old Army vehicles, Jeeps, hay bales andtractors to name but a few. You get three hours of laser combat plus all thegear you need to go into battle. The guns emit harmless infrared lasers thatleave no bruises and don't sting on contact like paintballs. They've got arange of 300 m and are super accurate. Grab your weapon and get your game faceon. We're going in.

The Laser Mayhem marshals will brief you,split you into teams and get you on the field. Each game lasts around 15minutes and you'll play around 10, maybe more. Extract the gold from the ruinsof WWII buildings in the woods. Bring Black Hawk Down to life. Attack the laser fort from a massive Russian tank. And if the weather's bad, retire to the indoor laser combat zone inside a hugebarn.

If you want something that's guaranteed to get every man on the Essex stag weekend excited, Laser Mayhem will hit the spot. Give us your numbers and we'll get you booked on for the ultimate in immersive laser combat gaming.

This Essex stag weekend activity includes:

  • 3 hours of Laser Mayhem on an awesome siteon Essex farmland
  • 8 incredible zones to go ballistic in
  • Realistic missions and games in areas withex-Army vehicles
  • Laser guns with a 300m range
  • Camouflage suits
  • Use of on site changing facilities andshowers
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Packages That Include This Activity

Essex Stag Do Ideas - Laser Mayhem
Laser Combat
Whats Included...
  • Laser Mayhem
  • Steak and Drink
  • Night Club Entry
  • 2 nights accommodation
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