Essex Its a Knockout

The Olympics on acid!

7ft penguins. Giants catching cannon balls. A behemoth inflatable washing machine stuffed with socks. Wet sponges flying through the air. Stag & Hen It's a Knockout Essex is hella funny! Laugh till you roll around clutching your sides and act like big kids instead of grown men with jobs and stuff. It's all good.

Choose your team and pick a date. We run events for hen and stag party teams on most Saturdays from spring to autumn at a location that's good for both Essex and London. The fun and games kick off around lunchtime so no getting up at the crack of dawn on a hangover.

Fancy dress? Hell yes. This is Essex so get the fake tan out and dress the stag as one of the girls off TOWIE.

The MC gets the field warmed up and the Knockout crew keep the party going until the final whistle. Make a tit of yourself staggering up the Slippery Summit. Bounce your way through the biggest inflatable obstacle course in Essex. Throw a load of wet sponges over the castle wall. Doing it is funny enough but watching other people bouncing around and stacking it in epic style is even funnier.

You'll still be thinking about It's a Knockout long after it's finished, and that's the magic ingredient which makes it so good for a stag. Getting pasted by a bunch of other stags and hens won't earn you gold, a spot on the podium or a bottle of bubbly. Give us your team name, get in there and kick some (foamy) butt!

Packages That Include This Activity:

Knockout Party

From £115.00 Per Person

Knockout Weekend

From £148.00 Per Person

Sexy Knockout

From £200.00 Per Person