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Essex Electric Shock Football

The only way is electric!

With great power comes great responsibility. Yeah, whatever.It's your bro's Essex stag do and this is electric shock football. Everyone'sgetting buzzed. Kick ass and take names at the flick of a switch. The eventlasts one hour. During that time you'll play a few different games that bringout your inner villain. At the start of each game, one person from each team isplucked out of the lineup and given a gadget that can shock the players. Youcan punish them for anything at any time: diving, pushing or just fiddling withtheir girly hairstyle. All of the little things that really grind your gearswhen you're watching a match. The ref isn't immune. You can shock him as well.Result!

Dish out the payback but don't get too carried away becauseyou all swap round at the end of each game. Make your turn count because soonit'll be you on the pitch taking the little jolts.

What better way to 'entertain' the boys on the Saturday ofan Essex stag do? Before you go down the dog racing track or slap on the faketan and hit the club, get the lads together for a right shocker of a game. Ifthink you can handle it, give us the nod and we'll charge up the devices!

In a nutshell:

  • 18+ event in Essex
  • 1 hour long
  • Includes variation games
  • Pitch/court rental
  • Event coordinator
  • Shockers, ball, bibs and goals
  • Big team photo
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