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Essex Burger and Beer

Remember you will actually need to eat on an Essex stag weekend! Don't get bogged down looking through a big list of restaurants in Romford, or spend ages looking for places to eat out in Chelmsford. Keep it simple with a burger and a beer.

Everyone loves a juicy burger served with a cold one. And because we know the venue very well, you'll get a great meal deal.

Burger and a beer is exactly what you want when you're on an Essex stag weekend. Quick and easy, it's always a winner and will go down a treat after an afternoon spent on quad biking or paintballing. It's also an excellent way of getting the whole group together before the messiness of the pub crawl begins. Kick back for a bit, get some decent chow down, and line stomachs for the main event.

Here's the other big win: you know exactly how much it costs and everyone pays the same price for their grub. That makes the whole eating out thing faster and easier. No waiting ages for everyone to decide what to eat, and no grumbling about splitting the bill. It's all fair and square from the start. The meal deal is incorporated in the cost of your Essex stag weekend so you don't have to mess about with money and cards on the day.

In a nutshell:

  • Burger and a beer at a tried and trusted Essex pub or restaurant
  • We book your table
  • Nothing to pay on the night
  • You just turn up and eat
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Packages That Include This Activity

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Whats Included...
  • Mud Jumping
  • Burger and Beer
  • Night Club Entry
  • 1 night accommodation
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From £146.00 Per Person
we are good to go, visit England
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