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Essex Beer Goggle Football

You need to do something funny, stupid and memorable before you get dressed up to the nines for the Essex stag night. The shade of your tan might be everything in Brentwood but this is your bro's big event. It needs banter. Also stuff you don't do on the average Saturday. Like playing football in beer goggles. What could be funnier than attempting to score goals and smash speed and agility training in a pair of glasses that make the world look it does after a bunch of drinks? You get one hour on the pitch, all the kit you need to play, and an instructor to run the games. Get out there, be absolutely terrible and love it!

When you get to the venue, the instructor will give you all goggles. There are 10 in total. Putting them on is half the fun. You'll have a right laugh blundering around trying to find your feet. A bit like when you first try and get out of bed on a hangover. When you've composed yourselves (sort of) it's time to play a few games and have some fun. Maybe a little 5-a-side, a few shuffles, penalties, all that stuff that requires you to be fast, agile and on fire. Only this is beer goggle football so all that will go right out the window.

Good players will look, well, drunk! Non-footballers will find the whole thing hilarious. If you're planning an Essex stag and want something that'll appeal to a mixed bunch, football in beer goggles is a brilliant choice. Sign up and prepare for 60 minutes of total football insanity.

In a nutshell:

  • Venue for 60 minutes
  • 10 goggles and football drills equipment
  • Funny games and challenges
  • Ref/organiser/instructor
  • Photo of your squad
  • Bubbly
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