Dublin Mountain Challenge

Got a groom who loves to ramble? Dublin is brilliantly situated for stag parties that want to mingle some real Bear Grylls-style adventure with their Guinness.

Traverse the beautiful Wicklow Mountains, in search of a hidden valley. Along the way, you'll be challenged to complete tasks and overcome obstacles - transforming a glorious walk into a head-scratching, mettle testing winner!

There's only one rule on the Mountain Challenge: you're not allowed to use smartphones, or any other GPS-powered devices, to help you out. This is proper back to basics orienteering, ideal for bringing out the sleeping Boy Scout in all of you.

Your stag party will be given a map, a compass, and instructions on finding the valley from your secret starting point. From then on, success or failure is down to how well you work together as a team. Set aside any drunken arguments you may have had in Dublin's bars, and sort the chaps into a functioning unit. Together, you can conquer everything the route throws at you!

Ideal for all ability levels, the Mountain Challenge takes place in fairly level country. The challenge lies in the surprises we've laid out for you along the way! Ford rivers, find treasure, and get to the valley within your timeframe. Are you game?

In a nutshell:

  • Orienteering challenge in the Wicklow Mountains
  • Routes can be tailored with challenges to suit your stag party
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