Dublin Meal And Traditional Irish Show

There's only one way to celebrate a stag party, Irish style - and that's dancing drunkenly with hot colleens while a fiddle band does its best to give you a heart attack! Down a couple of Guinesses and get friendly with the locals as you take part in Dublin's number one night time activity.

There's nothing like a proper ceilidh to get the chaps up and dancing. When the stout is flowing and the shots are lining the bar, men who aren't red-faced and sweaty aren't real men at all! Don your loosest jumper and your tightest jeans, fellers. It's time to show the Dublin locals how it's done...

Obviously you'll need some serious energy to keep up with all the Celtic reels. Before you set foot on the dancefloor, your stag party will be treated to the best in genuine Irish fodder. We're talking tasty dishes crammed with succulent meat, hearty gravies and rich, beer-infused stews. Pile on the mash and veg, crack that golden pie-lid and prepare to be transported to belly heaven!

This is the best first night party we've seen in ages. It's also the perfect way to be introduced to the city. Forget Irish theme bars or overpriced, soulless restaurants. For a real Dublin craic, the smart money's on this legendary show. Part feast, part entertainment and part wild gig, it's all good.

In a nutshell:

  • Meal and live Irish show
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