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Derby Beer Goggle Football

You need a manly challenge for a stag do. Something that raises the bar but makes everyone laugh loads. Enter beer google football! It is exactly what you think: players get on the pitch wearing glasses that make everything look and feel like it does when you've just finished a bar crawl of Derby town centre. Play games and see if you can do football drills when your eyes are trying to convince your brain that everything's gone a bit Pete Tong.

Forget winning; that will pretty much be down to chance. You will play a bit like Mary, the drunk girl in the garden off Shaun of the Dead. Obviously there's no violence this time round, just you lot, bumping into each other and missing shots like a bunch of zombies.

If you think wearing drunk goggles feels super weird then imagine how you'll feel when you take them off after the games! The squad photo will be priceless. Speaking of which, you get one of those, along with a bottle of the fizzy stuff to celebrate your lameness.

If you like doing crazy stuff that's funny rather than fiercely competitive, beer goggle football is the perfect activity for your Derby stag do. Just give us your numbers and we'll set it all up.

In a nutshell:

  • Play football and games wearing beer goggles
  • 10 goggles are provided
  • Instructor
  • 1 hour at the venue
  • All the gear
  • Photo and bubbly
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Packages That Include This Activity

Derby Stag Do Activities - Beer Goggle Football
Balls and Beers
Whats Included...
  • Beer Goggle Football
  • Electric Shock Football
  • Burger and 2 Beers
  • 1 Night Accommodation
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