Derby 2 Night Club Combo

Got two nights to play with? We recommend booking a two night bar and club pass. It'll get you into the finest venues in Derby, with entry guaranteed unless you're obviously smashed. Keep the stag party cool, and you can go where you like!

There's a lot to love about Derby's nightlife, and our two night bar and club pass makes sure you get to find all of it. Rock the house in the biggest, busiest bars in the city. Throw down some insanely awesome dance moves in the club where all the hen parties are. And the beauty of having a pass that lasts for the whole weekend? You can pick your favourite spots from the first night, then go back on the second.

Good stag party organisation is all about knowing when to hand over the reins. Why kill yourself trying to research every pub, bar and club in Derby, when we can give you a pass that takes you straight to the best ones? No, you won't find every single craft pub or alternative bar on here - but what you will get is an awesome cross-section of Derby's most stag party-friendly venues. And that means no fuss, no hassle, and a much better chance of finding like-minded people to drink with. Success!

In a nutshell:

  • 2 night pass to the best bars and clubs in Derby

Packages That Include This Activity:

Derby Stag Party Packages - Fast and Furious
Fast and Furious

From £162.00 Per Person

Derby Stag Party Packages - Going for Gold
Going for Gold

From £139.00 Per Person

Derby Stag Do Activities - Totally Wiped Out
Wiped Out Weekend

From £144.00 Per Person