Cambridge Life Drawing Class

Modern art!

Do you fancy getting to see women with no clothes in somewhere other than a lap dancing club? Perhaps you should do Cambridge life drawing if that's the case! This is the more cultured way to ogle at the female form and may even get you a guilt free pass from the Mrs!

The session will be held in a pricate location, with the stunning model awaiting your attention! Don't worry, you won't be left with a woman from the older category; this will be a young beauty in fantastic shape ready to pose for all you Monet enthusiasts!

Draw the line!

If your drawing's not up to much, not to worry, an expert tutor is on hand to give you guys an idea how to life draw. You'll soon now about sketching and shading - no problem!

This activity means that you don't have to wait until the evening to do something naughty. You'll probably make a better impression on the lady in question compared to being pissed up in a strip club! Dressed in nothing but her birthday suit; the model will even help you lot choose the best drawing at the end of the session!

In a nutshell:

  • Cambridge life drawing
  • Private studio in Cambridge
  • Tutor
  • Art materials
  • Exclusive use of the venue

Packages That Include This Activity:

Cambridge Stag Do Ideas - Life Drawing Class
Naughty but Nice

From £148.00 Per Person