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Cambridge Cigar Tasting

Toasts, Tobacco & Tying the Knot

If you're thinking of doing the usual stag do shenanigans, think again. Were trading shots for stogies and taking sophistication up a notch. How does a cigar tasting in the heart of Cambridge sound? Oh yes, its as grand as it gets. Imagine this: walking into a venue that reeks of class and style, greeted by an array of premium cigars- one for each of the lads. No cheap puffs here, mate! 

But wait, it isn’t just about the cigars. Whats a good smoke without a fine drink to with it? Whether you fancy a stiff whisky, a glass of aged rum, or maybe even a fine cognac, you'll get a drink each to perfectly complement your cigar. We're going full throttle on the posh vibes.

Rings & Wrappers: A Stag's Toast to Fine Cigars

You wont be left fumbling either. The package comes with everything- cutters, lighters, matches, and ash trays. Plus, an info booklet tha'tll make sure you know your robusto from panetella by the end of the session. And for the newbies? Theres a complete guide on how to prepare and smoke, ensuring no faux pas. Get ready for an education, lads! Dive deep into the world of tobacco with professional guidance on its history, regions, and the craftsmanship behind those rolled wonders.

Bow ties, cigars, good drinks, and an education that’ll have you puffing like a pro. Cambridge is setting the stage for a stag do that’ll go down in the books! 

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