Cambridge 2 Course Meal

Everyone loves food!

Look lads, you can't be drinking all the time over your stag weekend, you have to eat as well! The perfect way to arrange that is with the Cambridge 2 course meal. Trust us, you don't want to waste time trying to find a table somewhere on a Saturday night - it's best to have it booked well in advance. Especially if you bear in mind that you will have a large group size!

Get all the lads together and choose a restaurant; there's a load to choose from! Whether you fancy a pub classic, pizza or Mexican; there's something that you'll all be able to agree on! This is a chance to take a breather for a bit on your stag weekend and relive any of the events that may have already taken place.

Raise a glass to the stag!

As fun as it might sound, a stag group can't survive on just booze alone. It's always a wise idea to line your stomachs with some grub before taking on a night out in Cambridge. A 2 course meal in a popular restaurant will do just the trick and set you up for the night ahead. This serves as a great opportunity to discuss what's gone on so far.

Everything is paid for in advance, so no need to worry about paying for the bill at the end - you're all sorted. It saves any worries about who had what, which is always a bonus! This simplifies a stag weekend perfectly, and if you want to upgrade to include a drink with your meal; you can do.

In a nutshell:

  • Cambridge 2 Course Meal
  • Variety of cuisines to choose from: pub classics, Italian, Mexican, Pizza & more.
  • Restaurant reservation for whole stag party
  • Paid for in advance, making the actual night stress free
  • *Ask your stag weekend planner about upgrading to include a drink

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