Brighton VIP Bar and Club Entry

Let's get one thing straight, chaps - half eleven on Friday night, when everyone's half cut and overexcited, is not the right time to work out where you're going for the rest of the evening! A quality stag party takes a little bit of planning. Get your club entry sorted before you travel, and you won't have to worry about being turned away from the best spots in Brighton because you're too pissed, too male or too many.

Brighton's epic clubbing scene is the stuff of legend. There's a pretty massive chance you won't simply see someone famous on the decks - you'll probably end up partying with celebrity hotties too!

Understandably, entry to the most popular haunts in town is hard to come by for a stag party. Not when you've got a VIP entry pass all booked and paid for, though. Guaranteed to get you straight past the door staff and into club heaven, this ultimate party ticket is the sensible stag's shortcut to awesomeness.

With our Veep code in your pocket, you'll have no problem convincing the bouncers to let you in. And you won't even have to queue. While the rest of Brighton is kicking its heels outside, you'll be knocking back shots at the bar and warming up your killer dance moves.

Of course a successful stag party needs a few liveners before you get to the shape-throwing stage! Which is why we've included some of Brighton's funkiest pre-club bars on our VIP list. Wherever you go, you'll get top treatment and a varied playlist. Join the hippie chicks, celebrity ladies and superstar DJs for a night that doesn't stop rocking til the sun comes up.

In a nutshell:

  • VIP entry to Brighton's best bars and clubs

Packages That Include This Activity:

Knockout Party

From £180.00 Per Person

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Seaside Send Off

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