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Cricket ball on fire

Brighton Turbo Cricket

The game just changed...

Brighton Turbo Cricket take a great British seaside resort, add a quintessentially English sport and you get an epic stag weekend activity! Best described as cricket on speed, it's fast moving and a lot of fun to play. It doesn't matter if you've not played for years. The aim is simple: score more runs than the other team. Thanks to double runs and turbo overs, you'll have plenty of chances to boost your score. It's a lot more dramatic than your bog standard game of cricket but it's easy to understand. The instructors will have you all up to speed and on the pitch in minutes.

Are you a good all-rounder?

In Turbo Cricket, you get to bat and bowl. If you can do both, you'll own the pitch. If you're a natural-born batsman, you can bat multiple times. Retiring at 20 is a must! Stay out longer than you should and 10 runs will be knocked off your team's score. That's just one of the twists that make this type of cricket really interesting. The fact that a six is worth 10 runs makes it even more exciting. Hit one of those babies and it's payday.

No one wants to be hit in the face or bollocks by a cork cricket ball on his stag weekend. That's why the lovely people at Brighton Turbo Cricket decided it would be a good idea to use a soft ball. No bruises, black eyes or angry brides. It's the perfect stag activity.

Get out there and bat and bowl your way to victory and bragging rights!

In a nutshell:

  • Quick cricket - 1 hour of play
  • Unlimited turns for batsmen
  • Every player must have a turn as bowler
  • Turbo runs and super sixes
  • Organised event with professional instructor
  • Equipment supplied
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Looking for a completely unique package?

Want to try this exciting activity as part of your Stag Weekend? Just give us a call or click for a quote on this activity, let us know which location or area of the world you would like to do this and we will sort the rest for you.

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