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Brighton Rum Tasting

What could be more fitting for a stag weekend in Brighton than rum tasting? It's the preferred drink of pirates and you're on the lash by the sea; it would be rude not to get on the demon water! Saunter over to a town centre bar for six shots and a crash course on rum with an expert who really knows his shizzle.

Break the ice by mixing and downing a rum-based drink with your fellow stags. Play a few games and trade stories about all the dumbass, embarrassing stuff you've done after one too many Zombies.

Now everyone's nicely juiced up it's time for the rum tasting! Your rum buff will pour the shots and get you up to speed on a bit of rum history in one hit. He'll explain how the drink's actually made, explode some myths and tell a few folk tales. Why did Jack Sparrow drink gallons of the stuff? Was Nelson's body really brought back from Trafalgar in a giant barrel of rum? Pay attention, Bond! You'll need to know this stuff to win the rum tasting challenge.

Can you identify premium quality rum from black strap molasses? Reckon you could do it blindfolded? Step up to the bar and find out.

Start your stag night in Brighton with rum tasting and set the tone for the rest of the evening. Roll out of the session and take the notorious West Street by storm with your motley crew.

Rum tasting in Brighton includes:

  • Reserved space in a town centre bar
  • Dedicated rum expert
  • 6 shots each
  • Blind taste challenge
  • Booby prizes
  • Certificates
  • Farewell shot
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