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Brighton Electric Shock Football

If your version of fantasy football involves giving playersand ref little electric shocks, you're in luck. Electric shock football is anactual thing and you can do it on your Brighton stag weekend. Get that roadtrip in the diary, pronto. It's a bit like 5-a-side, only this time two of youwill be off the pitch with electric shock contraptions that make players andref jump around like dancing fleas. You've got to do this, it's amazing andwill have you rolling around, clutching your sides crying laughing!

He who holds the buzzer wields the power. Until it's time toswap and it's your turn to put a bib on and get in the game. That's the beautyof electric shock football: everyone gets a go in the hot seat and no oneescapes a turn as player. Well, we had to make it all fair and square! Theevent coordinator will manage everything so you don't have to.

Come on! This is a Brighton stag weekend. You can't lie onthe beach for two days solid. Have a bit of wicked fun with it. The boys mightnot remember every bit of a night out on the famous seafront but they definitelywon't forget the buzz of electric shock football.

Reckon you can take it?

In a nutshell:

  • Electric shock football event in Brighton
  • Coordinator to manage the games
  • 1-hour activity
  • Includes hire of venue and all the gear you need
  • Group photo
  • Strictly for the over-18s
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