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Brighton Cigar Tasting

Luxury & Last Nights: The Ultimate Cigar Stag Do

Brighton’s rolling out the ultimate lad’s experience, and its lit- cigar tasting! Now, before you start thinking of old men in armchairs, hear me out. This is a chance to add a touch of class to the usual stag weekend. Plus, what better way to bond with the crew than puffing on premium cigars, sipping drinks, and discussing… well, everything and anything?

Firstly, none of that cheap stuff. We’re talking a top-notch premium cigar for each lad. Light it up and let the good times roll. And, to compliment the rich taste of tobacco? A drink on the house. Choose your poison: whisky, rum, or whatever floats your boat. Now, before you jump right in, we’ve got you covered with all the essentials: cutters, lighters, matches, and ash trays. And for those of you worried about singeing off your eyebrows- relax! Theres a handy information booklet that’ll guide you on how to prep and smoke without any faux pas.

Blends & Best Men: A Cigar-Tasting Weekend

Think cigars are just about puffing and passing? Think again. This experience comes packed with a professional education on tobacco, its intriguing regions, and the history that shaped it. It’s a bit of culture with your lads. So, lads, if you’re keen on sending off your mate into married life with style and stories to tell, Brighton’s cigar tasting is the way to go. Its posh, its memorable, and trust me, the photos will be epic! Cheers to stags with class! 

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Nude Life Drawing - Stag Weekends - Brighton
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  • One Night Accommodation
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