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Brighton Bubble Football

The best cure for a grumpy second-day hangover is laughter - and the best way to get a stag laughing is to stick him inside an inflatable ball and make him play football. Join in the fun for an afternoon of inspired insanity!

Bubble football is one of the craziest stag weekend activities of all time. It's best described as five a side footie crossed with pinball. You're the pinball, and the reason you're bouncing around uncontrollably is that you're wearing a huge blow-up hamster ball on your upper body.

With no arms for balance, even the most skilled player in the party is going to trip over his feet! You'll get added entertainment value watching the chaps who think they're Lionel Messi having a huge attack of the hissy fits when they fall over for the 19th time.

Bubble football is the ultimate stag weekend leveller. No-one's any good at it - and that's the point. Try scoring against a keeper who looks like someone stuck a giant ping pong ball on his head, when you can barely stand yourself! It's hilarious.

There's a great sports centre on the edge of Brighton, where a chap can don the inflatable suit of awesomeness and get involved. We'll set you up with pitch hire, ball, bibs and the eponymous bubbles. The rest is up to you!

In a nutshell:

  • Brilliant bubble football match in Brighton
  • Ref
  • All equipment hire

Please note: Groups with 10-15 people will get 10 bubbles for 1 hour and groups of 16+ people will get 90 minutes.

Off Limits will not be responsible for any injuries that occur whilst taking part in this activity.

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Packages That Include This Activity

Brighton Stag Do and Stag Party Ideas - Bubble Football
Bubble Party
Whats Included...
  • Bubble Football
  • Lap Dancing
  • Party Passes
  • 2 Nights Accommodation
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