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Brighton Beer Goggle Football

Sublime football will be played!

Beer goggle football has landed and it's actual comedy genius. Brighton stag do ideas do not get any crazier than this. Guaranteed. Grab a pair of drunk glasses and blunder round the pitch like zombies. It's the funniest thing to hit the South Coast. Ever. Bars and beaches are standard for a stag down here but if you want priceless comedy moments, swap pints and pebbles for goggles and grass. The event lasts for one hour, it's run by a friendly professional, and all the gear is provided. Just turn up and get ready to be embarrassingly bad. In a good way!

Half the fun is the first bit: the hilarious stuff that happens when you first put the goggles on. Obviously the stag has to go first so you can gang up on him. It's tradition. When you're all goggled up and weaving around like drunk people, the results are brilliant. There will be falls. Fails. Slow-mo tackles. Really bad attempts at penalties. The football cone drills are the best. Agility goes out the window when you've got your beer goggles on.

If daft is what your bro does best, this is the perfect activity for his Brighton stag do. This will go down well with everyone; even the non-footballers will see the funny side!

In a nutshell:

  • 60 minutes of beer goggle football games
  • Run by an event coordinator
  • All necessary equipment is provided
  • Bottle of bubbly for the stag
  • Photo with the whole group
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