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Brighton 2 Course Meal

Brighton's got everything going for it - tons of awesome bars, amazing little hip hop clubs hidden around corners, quaint backstreets where you can get massive cocktails in funky dives. You'd better believe you're going to need a quality feed before you get on it!

We've buddied up with one of Brighton's best loved restaurants, to bring you a stag party dinner to die for. Get your fighting irons out and prepare to do battle with 2 courses of the greatest man food in the world. We're talking big old plates of burgers, pizza, enchiladas - the works.

It's not just the main courses that get a huge thumbs-up, either. With hoofing great bowls of sides, and starters to die for, your stag party is going to max out its yum quotient. But thanks to that all-important limit of 2 courses, you won't have a fatal beer failure just when you need stomach room!

Talking of which, you can't have a slap up meal without a decent drink. There's a beer waiting for everyone, so get the stag party toasts ready. This being Brighton, there are more world and artisan specialties than you can wave a foot-long hotdog at. And if you're feeling really funky, there's a cocktail list as long as your arm...

In a nutshell:

  • Centrally located restaurant
  • Reserved table
  • 2 courses
  • 1 beer each
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