Brighton Hovercrafting

Fire up the engine on something completely different, with this bonkers stag party activity! Hovercraft racing is fast, furious and mad as badgers.

Brighton has a reputation for the quirky, and they don't come much quirkier than this! In the pristine Sussex countryside just outside the town, there's a whacking great off road course designed to take a beating from all manner of mean machines. Mini hovercrafts are top of the list.

Controlling these beasts is no mean feat. Powered by a whopping 650cc engine, a mini hovercraft belts along at a fair old nip. Plus the steering is done with a combination of shifts in body weight and easing up and down on the throttle. Doesn't matter how good you are in a car, getting into one of these things means going back to driving basics for everyone!

Pro instructors will demonstrate the capabilities of the hovercrafts before setting your stag party up with rides of their own. Race against your mates or just battle to keep the ship steady!

After a night out in Brighton's legendary seafront clubs, you'll need something hair raising to bring you back to life. Hovercraft racing is just the ticket.

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Packages That Include This Activity

Brighton Stag Party Packages - Ultimate Action
Ultimate Action
Whats Included...
  • Rage Buggies
  • Hovercrafting
  • Argo Cats
  • Archery
  • One Night Accommodation
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