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Bratislava Thai massage and sauna

Here's the thing about a Thai massage: it hurts. Like someone's beating you up with sticks. But it also rocks. And if you've been hitting the dance floors hard on your Bratislava stag do, it could be just the thing to get you moving again!

There are two schools of Thai massage: Wat Po (trained in Bangkok) and Old Medicine Hospital (Chiang Mai). Wat Po is all about deep tissue massage, whereas Old Medicine Hospital graduates tend to concentrate more on manipulation and flexing.

If you go for a Thai massage in Bratislava, you're likely to get a Wat Po massage, which basically means a Thai lady will kick the living crap out of you with her elbows. The treatment lasts for one hour, and at the end of it (once the pain subsides), you'll feel absolutely amazing! Walk away with your back unkinked, your neck feeling loose and your shoulders pummelled to perfection.

The Thai massage parlours in Bratislava are friendly, and usually staffed by native Thai masseuses who have had proper training in their home country. They're a great place to go on the second morning of your stag do. The no-nonsense massage treatment will get your blood flowing properly, and has the potential to undo most hangovers. Or you could wait until after you've done an adrenaline activity in the afternoon, and use the Thai massage to unwind before you go out for another night on the Old Town!

In a nutshell:

  • 1 hour authentic Thai massage
  • Guide
  • Unlimited use of sauna
From Only £60.00 per Person
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