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Bratislava Sexy Hitchhiker

The naughtiest and nicest stag prank in the business just went mobile! A classic encounter straight out of the all-time male fantasy lists, we can arrange a sexy hitch hiker for any car journey during your stag do in Bratislava.

Say you've booked an airport transfer, or an activity with transport thrown in. We'll clue the driver in on the joke, and station a sexy lady somewhere along the way. When the driver sees her, he'll point her out to the boys, make up a story about how she'll be waiting for ages unless you pick her up, and help you to convince the lads it's a good idea. Not that they'll need much convincing, when they see the long-legged beauty standing by the side of the road!

Here's the really clever bit: once your hot hitcher is in the car, she'll act like everything's normal for a while. Then she'll "find out" that you're a stag party, and before you know it she's whipping off her clothes and giving the groom a special dance as a thank you for picking her up!

Why look at the scenery outside, when you can concentrate on the lovely lady right in front of you? Spice up any car trip in Bratislava with a sultry hitcher and earn total kudos as a best man.

In a nutshell:

  • Sexy hitch hiker prank
  • Any journey on your Bratislavan stag do
  • 15 minute show
  • Based on group of 10
From Only £182.00 per Person
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