Bratislava Bridge Swinging

If you thought bungee jumping was the ultimate stag party rush, think again! Bridge swinging is the maddest thing we've ever seen. And we've seen some pretty crazy stuff...

The perfect jolt of adrenaline for your stag party in Bratislava, bridge swinging involves leaping off a bridge tied to a rope and harness. So far, it does sound a lot like a bungee jump. But whereas bungee is all about bouncing straight back up again, bridge swinging involves hurtling to and fro under the span of the bridge like a human pendulum!

Launch yourself head-first into space, and for a couple of seconds there's nothing to tell your body it's safe. You'll genuinely feel like you're plummeting to your doom! It's only when your dive reaches the limit of the bridge swing that you stop falling and begin to fly from side to side.

This is a must-film stag party event, fellers, so get those phones out! The bride will go mental when she sees footage of her husband-to-be jumping from a bridge, attached to a length of strong harness material.

They say bridge swinging is better than bungee. It's definitely scarier! You could reach speeds of 60 mph as you swing backwards and forwards beneath the structure. When your stag party gets back to central Bratislava, you're going to need a very big beer indeed.

In a nutshell:

  • 2 hours
  • Local guide
  • Experienced instructor
  • Safety briefing and equipmen
From Only £41.00 per Person
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