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The Best Stag Do Locations in the UK

Welcome to Stag Weekends, your premier partner in orchestrating unforgettable stag dos with over 30 years of expertise in the field. We understand that a stag do isn't just a party—it's a milestone celebration of friendship and those last few days of bachelorhood. Our extensive experience, with the understanding of what makes a memorable stag weekend, enables us to offer the best bespoke stag do packages.

From London to the adventurous terrains of the Scottish Highlands, we cater to all tastes and budgets. Whether you need last-minute stag do ideas or have over a year to get your stag party meticulously planned complete with activities, accommodation, and airport transfers, we've got you covered.

Read on to explore the best stag do locations in the UK, each offering a unique blend of thrilling daytime activities and vibrant nightlife options. Discover your perfect stag destination with our guide to unforgettable celebrations.

Nottingham Stag Dos

Looking for a top-notch stag do destination? Nottingham's your place. Right in the middle of the country, this city mixes old-world charm and daytime activities with an exciting nightlife, making it a prime spot for a stag weekend.

Kick things off with some daytime fun. Go-karting or bubble football – Nottingham has it all. For something a bit different, why not do some sketching of a beautiful nude female in a life drawing class or team up for an escape room challenge?

As evening rolls in, Nottingham really comes alive. The city centre, along with the Hockley and Lace Market areas, is packed with choices. Fancy skipping the queue? We can sort VIP club entry. In the mood for some laughs? Hit up a comedy club. And if you want to make the night truly memorable, go on one of our legendary bar crawls.

Nottingham is more than a good choice for a stag party; it's a standout destination. Here, every activity is an opportunity to make those pre-wedding celebrations massive.

Bristol as a Stag Party Location

Fancy a stag do that's a total blast? Bristol's your spot. Bristol is a whole vibe with bustling streets, loads of history, and a nightlife that keeps you out till the sun comes up.

Ever wandered into a pub where everyone feels like an old friend? That's Bristol for you. You could be clinking glasses in a swanky cocktail bar or knocking back pints in a snug pub, the city's got a spot for every mood. And for the beer buffs, the microbreweries here are something else.

Bristol is full of action. From activities where you can battle it out on a ‘It's a Knockout' course to tearing up the dirt track on quads, the thrills are just as good as the chills. And with everything from music gigs to street art, there's never a dull moment.

Easy to get to? Check. Hard to leave? Absolutely. Pop over to our Bristol Stag Packages page and see for yourself why lads keep coming back here for their stags. Trust us, Bristol does it better.

Liverpool Stag Dos

Planning a stag do? Think Liverpool! Easy to reach and hard to leave, our Liverpool stag packages nail every detail, so you just show up and enjoy.

Nightlife here? Absolutely buzzing. Imagine hopping from sleek cocktail bars where the mixologists conjure up your new favourite drink, to hearty pubs where the laughter flows as freely as the ale. Whatever your crew's style; Liverpool delivers.

Daytime is just as lit. Fancy blasting your best mate with paintballs or racing him on the go-kart track? We've got you. Or maybe you're into chilling and soaking up some culture—how about a stroll through The Beatles Story to see why the world went mad for four lads from Liverpool?

Our promise? Your stag weekend in Liverpool will be packed with fun, a load of laughs, and a bunch of memories that'll last way beyond the hangover. See what Liverpool has to offer.

Newcastle as a Stag Do Location

Get ready for a stag weekend that kicks off the moment you touch down in Newcastle. Known for its electric atmosphere and welcoming vibe, this city has rapidly become a top destination for stag dos looking to go all out.

In Newcastle, ordinary just doesn't cut it. Take your night to the next level with some of our exclusive nightlife offerings. Imagine an evening at one of Newcastle's premier bars on the famous Diamond Strip, complete with Booze and bar crawl babes—where the drinks are cold, and the service is spectacular. A Newcastle night out is an experience that will be talked about long after the wedding bells have rung.

But what's a trip to Newcastle without football? Dubbed the football capital of the North East, the city offers unparalleled match day vibes. Get involved with football darts or laugh your way through a game of Beer Goggle Football. Whatever your style, we make sure there's something for every fan.

With Newcastle's unique blend of traditional charm and party spirit, plus our tailored stag party ideas, your weekend here will be unforgettable. Ready to make some legendary memories? Newcastle's waiting to show you a good time.

Leeds Stag Dos

Stag weekends in Leeds are crafted to be unforgettable. Leeds is known for its nightlife, its activities, and its genuinely warm atmosphere, for us, it's clear why Leeds stands out as a favourite for stag dos.

Ready to amp up your night? Dive into our specially curated nocturnal adventures. Imagine sipping chilled drinks served by glamorous bunny girls at one of Leed's top bars—a unique twist that will elevate your evening and make your stag do stand out.

But there's more to Leeds than just nightlife. As a city steeped in tradition, it offers an electric match day atmosphere that's second to none. Whether you want to show off your skills in a game of Beer Goggle Football or have a laugh playing Human Table Football, Leeds has it covered.

Our bespoke Leeds stag party ideas are all about making sure you have a blast. So, gear up for a stag weekend filled with memorable moments and non-stop fun in this dynamic city.

Belfast Stag Dos

Choosing Belfast for a stag do? Brilliant idea. It's not just the backdrop of dramatic hills or the coast that'll catch your eye but the city's nightlife.

Arrive and feel the warmth of the locals. By day, explore hidden gems and historic sites. As dusk sets, dive into the city's nightlife. Start with a pint and live tunes in a traditional Irish pub where the stories and laughter flow as freely as the beer. Then, take it up a notch in lively clubs pulsating with energy until the wee hours.

As you wrap up the weekend, you'll realise that Belfast didn't just host your stag; it made it phenomenal. More than a trip, it's a tale to tell—one that you and your mates will recount for years to come.

London as a Stag Party Location

Heading to London for a stag do? Brilliant choice! This city is a playground of contrasts—from the edgy streets of Camden to the sleek bars of Primrose Hill, each corner tells a story.

Forget the usual dive into something extraordinary. Fancy a hidden speakeasy in Shoreditch or an all-night dance marathon at Fabric? Maybe smooth jazz at Ronnie Scott's is more your style, or perhaps a cheeky night at Spearmint Rhino? London's layers of history mix with cutting-edge culture to create a stag weekend like no other.

Deciding among high-speed karting showdowns, quirky GPS city challenges, or just chilling with your mates in a cool local pub can be tough. But don't sweat it. We've got the accommodation sorted too—comfortable, affordable spots just a hop from Zone 1's hottest venues.

So, what are you waiting for? London's calling for a stag do that promises to be as wild or as laid-back as you want.Make it unforgettable, make it yours.

Bournemouth as a Stag Do Location

Think Bournemouth, and you might picture just beaches and sunshine, but it's also a stag do paradise. Known as “London by the Sea,” this spot has stolen the spotlight with its cool mix of nightlife and beach life. Here, sunny days merge seamlessly into lively nights.

Water sports are big here—try your hand at surfing or jet skiing, or keep it chilled with a beachside BBQ. Prefer staying dry? There's plenty of action off the water too, from exploring local markets to go-kart racing.

For a truly memorable day, get involved in our “It's a Knockout” challenge. It's all about fun: think daft games, goofy outfits, and loads of laughs. Compete against a hen party in foamy challenges—there's even a champagne prize to add to the stakes!

Bournemouth's charm extends beyond its activities. The vibe is friendly, the food is great, and every sunset feels special. It's the kind of place that turns a good stag do into a great one. So, come see for yourself why so many stags are heading to Bournemouth for their big weekend.

Manchester Stag Party

Manchester is a top pick for a stag weekend, not just in the North, but across the UK. Known as 'Mad-chester,' the city buzzes with energy and offers many unique activities. Feel the thrill of stadiums like the Theatre of Dreams and the Etihad and pay homage to football with a twist — dive into Bubble Football to unleash your inner Roy Keane or try Footgolf if you fancy a precision kick.

Party the Manchester Way

Nightlife here means you're never far from a great time. Rub shoulders with celebs at Deansgate Locks or join the stag and hen frenzy at The Printworks. For upscale vibes, hit Peter Street's champagne lounges, or explore the Northern Quarter's eclectic bars and live music spots like Odd and Dusk til Pawn, a bourbon lover's haven set in a former pawn shop.

With everything from top-notch lap dancing clubs to friendly locals ready to party, Manchester delivers a stag weekend that's as legendary as the city itself.

York Stag Party

York, a city where history meets nightlife, offers a truly unique setting for a stag do, this Viking stronghold is more than just turrets and cobblestones—it's a hotspot brimming with youthful energy thanks to its two universities.

Experience the Diverse Nightlife of York

Whether you're up for a sophisticated evening or a rowdy night out, York has it all. Embrace the city's history with the infamous Micklegate Pub Crawl, starting at the Punchbowl and challenging you to conquer 8 pints before staggering to The Parish. Cap off the night with tunes and vibrant shots at pop world.

For a touch of elegance, explore the bars and clubs of The Quarter, where summer nights by the river Ouse are unforgettable. Drink some beers in some scenic spots like The Living Room, with crowds mingling on the cobbles under the sun. The palpable atmosphere, enhanced by the scenic backdrop of rolling Yorkshire hills, makes for an unbeatable stag experience.

In York, every stag weekend is a blend of old-world allure and contemporary revelry. Whether it's along the bustling riverside in summer or the lively pubs of winter, York promises a stag do that's both majestic and memorable.

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Date Posted: Monday 20th May 2024

Author: Barry O'Neil

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