Stag Do Party Pranks

If you can't prank a feller on his stag do, when can you? We've become pretty good at the stag do prank over the years, thanks to our unique prearranged tricks. From arresting the groom before he gets a chance to drink his beer to surprising him with a sexy hitch hiker if you are on a Berlin stag do, we know exactly what'll be good for a giggle!

Check out our all-time top pranks, and remember: fun is fun, but getting arrested for being tied to a lamp-post naked ruins the wedding...

The Stag Kidnap

A variation on the stag arrest theme, Stag Kidnap sees your boy whisked out of the pub and taken to a secret location to cool his heels for a couple of hours. The trick is to get it done professionally and quickly, and to make sure he's out of commission for just long enough to start getting worried. Not something you can do on your own - what with kidnapping being illegal and all - so this is one we recommend you leave to us. Classic.

The Comedy Stag Costume

By far the most popular stag prank of all time, making your best bud wear something ridiculous on his stag do has a million advantages. It's cheap, it's legal, and it's unlikely to be dangerous (don't make him wear something offensive, chaps, or he might get a bop on the nose from a serious minded person with large muscles). It also marks you lot out as a stag party from the get-go, which can be awesome for attracting hens to join in the fun!

The mankini is top of the list for embarrassing stag costumes, but it isn't the only trick in the box. A dress is popular - and more likely to not get you barred from nightclubs - and you can never go wrong with some kind of mildly hampering prosthetic. Tape a pint glass (make sure it's plastic) to his hand and make him wear a tutu. Legendary.

The “What Happened Last Night?” Story

Nothing says “stag do” like the look of total fear on a chap's face when he wakes up with unidentifiable lipstick stains/clothing rearrangements/plaster casts!

Harmless and easy, the essence of this prank is waiting for your boy to pass out. Do with him as you will (remembering that nothing should last until the wedding day), and concoct a just-about-believable story to explain everything when he wakes. How long you keep him in the dark is up to you...

THE SERIOUS STUFF: A joke's a joke, chaps, but permanent physical/mental damage isn't funny. No spiking, no illegal activities and definitely no leaving him alone, all drunk and vulnerable, somewhere he doesn't know.

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Date Posted: Monday 16th February 2015

Author: Jim Alexander

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