Stag Do Dares'the Good, the Bad and the Wrong

Stag do dares are the stuff of legend. When you do them right, that is. Check out my list of the best and worst!

The spiked groom

No. Just no. I've been to at least three stag parties where the subject of slipping a little blue pill into the groom's drink has come up.

Here's the thing: Viagra can kill you. True. And not just of embarrassment, when your enormous trumpet hasn't gone down after 24 hours. Viagra has done for people with what the FDA says are'particular health problems' before. The question is, can you guarantee your best mate hasn't got those health problems? Of course you can't. Don't do it.

The stag kidnap

This is one of those stag do dares that either works or it doesn't. Sounds bloomin' obvious when you say it like that, doesn't it? Thing is, if you try and arrange a stag kidnap yourself, you're pretty much bound to drop a bollock. No group of drunk men has ever successfully pulled off a convincing abduction of their own best friend.

Your best bet is to leave this one to the experts. Then it will rule. Get us to do the kidnapping for you, and you can also be sure no-one's going to get arrested for false imprisonment. Or drunk driving. Or any one of the ten million other laws you'll probably break if you try this at home.

The stupid stag do costume

As stag do dares go, fancy dress is as old as the hills. And let's face it, it is definitely a dare to squeeze a 15-stone rugby-playing beardy into a Betty Boop outfit. Or a mankini. Basically, your job as his best friends is to convince him to look as stupid as possible on his big night. Just make sure you're not going to get him banned from the club.

The morning after stripper

This stag do dare requires a bit of careful planning on your part, and let's face it, you're going to be hammered. So good luck with that. But hey - a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, right?

In the case of the morning after stripper, what you do is find a way to sneak a stripper into his bed while he's still passed out. Then you wake him up, and watch as 19 different expressions of fear, panic, and realisation cross his ugly mug. Wait - I must've pulled a lady last night. Holy shit, I'm supposed to be getting married! What am I going to - now hang on a minute, that's not a lady it's a stripper. And why is everyone laughing? You know: that kind of thing. Tee hee.

What are the most epic stag do dares you've ever done/seen? Let the chaps in on the joke on Facebook and Twitter!

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Date Posted: Friday 27th November 2015

Author: Jim Alexander

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