How To Stop The Chaps Killing Each Other

Chaps, there's an elephant in the stag party room. No-one wants to talk about it, but it's there. After one night of serious partying and almost no sleep, YOU WILL WANT TO KILL EACH OTHER.

The causes of this stag party ailment are many, but they all boil down to this: when you put a bunch of boys together, many of whom are only meeting each other for the first time, most of whom are different ages, they will drink too much beer. And they'll do it at the rate of the quickest drinker.

Or half of them will, and then the older guys throw a bunch of dad-sulks, start talking about how the younger fellers don't know how to drink properly, and go home at midnight. Which is fine until the young guns come in at 4am, pissed as newts and singing “It's All About That Bass”. A lot.

Result: grumpy breakfast, hissy fits all over the place, stag party factions created and battle lines drawn. Cue the most awkward day ever, and separate groups going out to different clubs on Saturday night...

Fortunately, there are many ways to stop the rot. Because all that's really wrong is the little soldiers are tired and irritable. And you know what stops irritation? Fun.

Warning: under no circumstances should the chaps be allowed anywhere near a bar in the afternoon. Drinking a hangover away isn't just a recipe for cutting Saturday night short (or ending up in hospital/arrested): it's also a quick route to actual fisticuffs. Little resentments that have burgeoned overnight can easily flare into hand-flapping confrontations under the influence of sambuca shots...

Instead, haul the lads outside for some good old fashioned arsing about. We've spotted a few guaranteed over the years, and reckon these are some of the best:

Five a side football

It's a popular misconception that five a side is the lightweight's version of an 11 a side football match. With fewer players, more running's required. And a smaller pitch means frantic end to end action. We challenge anyone to stay angry after he's sweated off his hangover and scored 18 glorious goals. A few meaty tackles don't do any harm in the blowing off steam stakes, either.

Go karting

Healthy competition meets boyhood fantasy as you get behind the wheel of a high powered kart and try to make it to the podium! F1 fans aren't the only ones who love karting. Any feller who thinks he can drive (that would be all of us, then) secretly longs to show off his superior skills on a decent circuit. In the nailbiting cut and thrust of qualifiers, only the grumpiest man in the world can hold onto any niggles from last night! Go Karting packages are available at top locations all round the UK and is one of our most popular choices for a top Leeds Stag Do.

It's A Knockout

The legendary BBC TV show is still going strong, thanks to our stag party Saturdays! We host the games, using all the original equipment, in several locations including on a stag do in Barcelona. Rerun the fun, sweat out all booze and build some serious team spirit in a sidesplitting contest against hot hens. Angry? You won't be, when you're rolling around on a foamy slope with random ladies...


The ultimate stag party anger management course, paintball lets you shoot your fellow man repeatedly without actually killing him! You'll start out firing at anything that moves, but once the initial burst of clip-emptying is over and done with everyone settles down and plays tactics. Call of Duty fans think they make the best soldiers, but the guy who really wins is the stag. After a couple of games of Flag Capture, grudging alliances turn into fully-fledged buddy appreciation, and everyone goes home happy. Beers all round, and hats off to the best man...

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Date Posted: Wednesday 8th April 2015

Author: Jim Alexander

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