Booking for a Stag Group

Booking for a stag group isn't easy. Half the hotels you phone terminate the call as soon as they realise you're on a stag weekend. And you can practically hear the other half rubbing their palms together and counting the extra money. Security deposits, room deposits: you name it, when the hospitality industry hears you're ready to celebrate your best mate's last weekend as a single man, it knows how to coin it in.

And that's just the hotels. What about the places you want to go? Restaurants aren't always keen to see a massive group of half-cut fellers rolling up in the middle of a busy Friday night. Clubs hate groups of chaps because they intimidate the ladies and unbalance the bloke to babe ratio. In fact, adventure centres and motorsports centres are the only places that seem to actively like making a booking for a stag group.

There's a reason for this. The activity centres don't have to deal with you when you're hammered, and if you do turn up drunk they can just point to their waivers and refuse to let you play.

So how does a chap actually go about making a booking for a stag group? You know, without getting laughed out of town or made to pay squillions of pounds in extras. Easy. You use us.

See, we're well known in the stag party industry. We've been doing this for years. We book weekends away from Bournemouth to Bangkok. And we have longstanding relationships with hotels, nightclubs, stripper agencies, and activity centres. In other words, we're able to get you the best deals for the things you really want to do, and the places you really want to go. And we can do this because we don't try to book our stags into venues that don't like them. We don't send you to hotels that hate party people, or restaurants that hide you away in tiny back rooms.

There's an art to making a booking for a stag group. It's the art of knowing what stags want, and understanding where in the world you can go to get it. Gambling in Vegas. Surfing in Newquay. Cliff jumping in Edinburgh. Clubbing in Eastern Europe. We seek out the venues and hunt down the deals. And that's why you can have a fantastic stag weekend with us, without having to pay more for less.

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Date Posted: Wednesday 23rd December 2015

Author: Jason England

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