10 Epic Stag Do Themes for a Memorable Stag Party

So you've sorted out the weekend activities with us, but what about the theme? You've got to have some kind of fancy dress for an unforgettable time! Here are 10 epic ideas to run with.

  1. Bond theme: Is your stag do more of a suave event of casino gambling? It would be wrong to not channel your inner 007.
  2. Wrestlers: Loved Stone Cold Steve Austin in your younger years? Whip out the wrestling gear and pull off a stunner of a stag weekend! Probably not advisable in the autumn/winter months, as it could get pretty cold?¦
  3. School Uniforms: You probably had some cider round the back of the P.E. shed when you were at school anyway, so going on a night out in your uniform shouldn't feel weird!
  4. Super Heroes: Whether you marvel at Marvel or sit in the DC camp, dressing up as super heroes will make any stag do legendary.
  5. Borat Mankini and the Kazakhstan Peasants: Tried and tested; you've probably already seen a mankini or two around town. It makes for a hilarious night full of drinks and banter. Just don't do it in Newquay: the mankini is banned there.
  6. Golfers: 18 drinks, 18 holes. The golfer is more regularly seen in his natural habitat of every bar on a stag weekend.
  7. The Village People: A brave option for those less than comfortable with their masculinity, but it will get people talking about you!
  8. Eras: Feel like you were born in the wrong decade? Take your stag party back in time with a dress up theme.
  9. Morph Suits: Leave absolutely nothing to the imagination on your stag do! This makes for some hilarious pictures.
  10. And finally, the super easy (and classic) Smurfs: You know the drill. Go blue (da-ba-dee-da-bu-dy) with your fellow Smurfs and go smash it on your stag do!
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Date Posted: Thursday 12th November 2015

Author: Jim Alexander

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