Berlin Bar Crawl

Pay homage to the mighty hop with a massive bar crawl! This epic drinking session should be enough to satisfy even the mightiest thirst. Give the big man the sendoff he deserves on his Berlin stag weekend.

German beer is the best in the world—crisp, clean, and available in so many varieties you'd have to drink solidly for a week to try just a fraction of what's on offer! This awesome bar crawl can be personalised to suit your tastes, taking in a range of Berlin's finest drinking establishments in a three- or five-hour adventure. Are you ready to discover a whole new world of tasty goodness?

If you want something familiar, try a hellesbier. Helles is similar to lager, but cleaner to the taste. Or, if you're up for trying some completely different beer tastes on your Berlin stag weekend, explore the wonderful world of bock, dunkles, and spezial.

We'll send you onto the streets of Berlin with a local guide, who knows exactly where to go for beer and merriment. Go for a standard crawl with entry to three epic bars, pick a saucy crawl that includes entry to a top lap dancing club, or start with a cruise around the city and end up in an awesome venue that changes its beer prices depending on demand! The more people want a certain type of brew, the more expensive it becomes. Keep your eyes on the 'stock' prices, and you could drink a ton of ale without paying much for the privilege.

In a nutshell:

  • Guided bar crawl for your stag weekend in Berlin
  • Pick from three options
  • Option 1: 3 hours, includes 1 shot, minimum 3 pubs
  • Option 2: 5 hours, includes 1 shot, minimum 3 pubs, entry to a top lap dancing club, entry to a night club
  • Option 3: 3 hours, entry to the Beer Stock Exchange, 3 pubs, welcome shot and 3 beers

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