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Berlin Archery Tag - Stag Party Activities

Berlin Archery Tag

Take down your mates in Robin Hood style!

If the groom's future Mrs doesn't want him rocking up to the wedding sporting unsightly purple bruises from paintballing, do stag combat differently with a session of Berlin Archery Tag. There's nothing better for ramping up your party spirit than a bit of all out stag warfare in the great outdoors!

Archery Tag is like a mash-up of paintballing and archery. The arrows are equipped with rubber, shock absorbing ends. You'll still feel it hit you, but you won't be left with black and blue bruises for your efforts. So get the lads out of bed and go head to head in all out lad weekend mayhem!

'Hit me with your best shot!' - Pat Benetar

Perfect for the second day of your stag do, Archery Tag is guaranteed to bust straight through a nasty hangover, wedding woes and any of those pesky work worries. When you arrive on site, you'll be greeted by our friendly event staff. You'll go through a quick briefing and get kitted up with safety gear, bows and the specialised arrows. Once you're in you're get up it's time to wreak havoc!

There are a variety of games, most like those you'll find at a paintballing arena. Go head to head in a last man standing style battle, capture the flag in teams and do marked man missions. When you've had your fill of running around like Robin Hood in the wood, return on the city centre with plenty of time to get ready for a night on the town.

In a nutshell:

  • Berlin Archery Tag
  • 10 min warm-up
  • 60 min play time
  • Safety gear & equipment provided
  • Camera with photo & video included
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