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Benidorm Wakeboarding

Super-cool and totally adrenaline-fuelled, wakeboarding is the sickest stag weekend sport in Benidorm! A combination of water skiing and surfing, it's a brilliant way to revive the boys after a massive night on the town.

Wetsuits are provided, as the Western Mediterranean isn't always as warm as it looks! Suit up, practise your Point Break quotes and get ready to impress the senoritas sunning themselves on the beach...

Wakeboarding involves being strapped to a short, stubby board like a surfboard with the nose cut off, and surfing behind the cable as it whips you through the water. The trick is to put your weight over the edge of the board when you want to turn. Lean forwards to dig the rails in for a turn in the direction of your leading leg, and lean back to turn on your back foot.

The best time of year to go wakeboarding or cable skiing in Benidorm is when the water is warmest and the weather conditions are most likely to be right. We run our sessions between April and October to maximise your chances of a perfect day in the ocean.

Your party will receive expert instruction from local wakeboarders, and all equipment hire is included in the price.

In a nutshell:

  • High adrenaline stag weekend activity
  • 90 mins Cable wakeboarding or cable skiing
  • Wetsuits and safety equipment provided
  • Expert tuition
From Only £43.00 per Person
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