Barcelona Water Sports

Water sports are a fantastic way to combine thrill seeking with a hangover cure! Get the lads out of bed, and get involved in some of the most exciting things you can do on your stag weekend in Barcelona.

We've got a real passion for messing about on the ocean, so you're in good hands! Make the most of the great weather in Barcelona, and try something completely different. This is probably the best way to get everyone together for a fun and active session in the great outdoors.

Barcelona gets pretty hot, and nothing cools that temperature down better than water! Simply pick your ideal sport, and we'll supply the coaches and the kit to get you started.

Will you play with the big boys' toys and go jet skiing? Or are you all about the freedom of the ride? Surfing and water skiing are also available on your stag weekend in Barcelona. Suit up and get radical.

Basically, there's a water sport for every personality and level of hangover. Hell, if you've really got a headache you can strap on a mask and pipe and go snorkelling. There's nothing like flippering around in the shallows, and getting up close and personal with some crazy marine life, to make you forget your headache!

In a nutshell:

  • Pick your ideal watersports
  • Equipment hire and instruction (where appropriate)

Packages That Include This Activity:

Barcelona Stag Do Ideas - Water Sports
Wet n Wild

From £182.00 Per Person