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Barcelona Ultimate Stag Meal

On a stag party in Barcelona, you don't just want a meal. You want a meal the lads will still be talking about when they turn up at your wedding!

This epic three-course stunner is that meal. Hosted in a port-side restaurant in Barcelona, it's the last word in deliciousness. And it's guaranteed to satisfy even the largest appetite. Unbuckle those belts, drink as many beers as you want, and get down to the serious business of filling your boots.

A stag party can be a chaotic affair, with a surprisingly little amount of time for chilling with the group. Hosting a big sit-down meal is the ideal way to make sure the boys get time to get to know each other before the big night out! With groups of different friends meeting each other for the first time - work colleagues, school friends, uni mates - it's vital to find some common ground before everyone gets too hammered.

This whopping stag party meal provides everything you need to get the fellers talking. Enjoy three leisurely courses in one of Barcelona's best restaurants. Toast the groom, and each other, as many times as you like. And plan the night ahead. Then go out late, and stay up even later, in Barcelona, so you'll have plenty of time to work out a strategy for hitting the bars and clubs!

In a nutshell:

  • 3-course meal
  • Beer for the duration of your meal
  • Port-side restaurant
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