Barcelona Mud Fighting

The staple of any decent stag do diet, chocolate fighting combines two of the greatest inventions known to man: slippery naked lady sports, and beer! Seriously folks, what more could you want?

Rock up to a great venue in Barcelona for a free brewski and the chance to see bare-breasted hotties sliding around in the muck! The average fight consists of two rounds, with the first comprising just the girls, and the second featuring the addition of a very surprised groom.

That right, chaps: mud fighting isn't just a great way to kick off a night out in Barcelona, it's also a classic stag do prank! Just when your boy has settled into his second beer, and is thinking life couldn't possibly be better, a chocolaty pair of arms will reach out from the pit and yank him into the action.

There's nothing funnier than seeing your buddy get his backside handed to him by a naked girl covered in chocolate. Make sure you've pre-warned the boys, and get those smartphones ready to capture the moment for posterity!

In a nutshell:

  • Chocolate fighting in a Barcelona bar
  • Stag gets in on the action

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