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Barcelona Jet Skiing

It's almost impossible to go on a stag weekend in Barcelona and not end up with a crushing hangover. Spanish lager is crisp, clean and super-moreish when the evening cool is doing its thing - but it's also pretty strong, and apt to leave a chap with a morning head. The answer? Get out of bed, quit your whining, and head for a beach!

Beach fun is the core of every successful Barcelona stag weekend. The sun's out, the sky is blue and the ocean is waiting for you to jump in! Get the boys away from the bars, and hit the water for a ton of awesome games. We've got all the classics for you, plus a very special chance to try one of the coolest water sports in the world.

Schmooze on the beach, top up your tan and swim in the ocean. When you're ready, our instructors will be waiting to introduce you to the favourite pastime of secret agents - jet skiing! Take control of a sleek, powerful watercraft and be the envy of the senoritas on the shorelines. You can't fail to look epically cool when you carve a huge jet of spray from the back of your jet ski, as you zoom along the coast!

Let's face it, chaps. Your stag weekend isn't complete without at least one balls-out adrenaline ride. Make it on a jet ski, and half the female population of Barcelona will be totally checking you out. Amazing.

In a nutshell:

  • 30 minute jet ski ride
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