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Barcelona Human Table Football

Barcelona is the home of European football - slick passing, lightning counter-attacks and some of the highest-paid players in the world. If your stag party isn't quite on the same level, don't worry. We've got something even better for you to do...

Human table football is the greatest combination of fresh air and pub fun ever! Let's face it, on a stag party your version of the beautiful game probably involves falling on your backside and hanging for the half-time Wotsits. So why waste all that energy and sweat trying to play a normal game of footie, when you could strap yourself to a pole and amble backwards and forwards like enormous drunk versions of the little plastic chaps on a fooseball table?

Exactly like the real thing, only scaled up on an inflatable pitch, human table football involves taking the members of your stag party and attaching them to foam-covered bars with Velcro straps. The poles are inserted into blow-up pitch surrounds, the ball is fed in through the side, and everyone tries to string together a passing movement without letting go of their hand-grips. It's hilarious!

FC Barcelona you ain't, but who cares? A stag weekend Saturday is all about fun, and no-one's having more of it than you. Win.

In a nutshell:

  • Team sizes range from 5 to 8
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