Barcelona Bar Crawl

Bigger, better and classier than your average pub crawl, the Barcelona version refreshes the parts other nightlife tours simply can't reach! Get your stag party along for the ride with this quality trip through the finest establishments in the city.

There are watering holes suited to every taste in Barcelona, from traditional bodegas and tapas bars to trendy lounges, terrace pubs and beach bars. You could be sinking Mojitos with an ocean view one minute, and chilling out to the latest in vinyl-based hip hop the next.

A guided bar crawl is the only way to roll on the first night of your stag party! With a lovely local lady to show you what's hot, you're guaranteed entry to the best drinking spots in Spain's most vibrant and trendy destination.

Timing is critical for a good Spanish night out. UK rules don't apply here! Follow the lead of our beautiful senorita and she'll point you in the direction of the best bars for stag party fun at the perfect times of night. Forget hanging around in empty clubs waiting for the ladies to show up - with our guide on your side, you'll always be one step ahead of the game!

The last thing anyone wants on the first night of a stag party is to have to make decisions. Leave all the complicated stuff to us. We'll make the best man's life a breeze. And we've even thrown in nightclub entry at the end of the bar crawl. You're welcome!

In a nutshell:

  • Local nightlife guide
  • Entry to a top nightclub

Packages That Include This Activity:

Barcelona Stag Weekend Packages - Bottoms Up
Bottoms Up

From £155.00 Per Person

Barcelona Stag Weekend Packages - Going for Gold
Going for Gold

From £208.00 Per Person

Barcelona Stag Weekend Packages - He Shoots He Scores
He Shoots He Scores

From £165.00 Per Person