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Barcelona Bagdad Sex Club

If you want to see the Full Monty, and we don't mean Robert Carlyle and his cheeky northern accent, then the Bagdad Sex Club is where you go! A no holds barred staple of Barcelona's erotic entertainment scene, this steamy little beauty is the ultimate option for a stag weekend where nothing is left to the imagination.

The Bagdad Club is infamous among Barcelona regulars. It's a small, intimate venue with a stage you're never too far from. Multiple girls, all beautiful and very liberal-minded, disrobe and perform for your viewing pleasure, getting intimate with each other and various sex toys during the act!

They don't go in for double entendres or saucy hints at the Bagdad Club. The show's called Pornorama, and it's the best (and most full-on) in the city. You'll see things here you probably thought were only available on the internet. Our advice: sit down, enjoy, and never, ever let the wife find out where you went!

If you get a front row seat, it's pretty much guaranteed you'll be hauled up on stage to join in - particularly if the girls realise you're in Barcelona on a stag weekend! Whether you're up for it or not is up to you, but hey. This is a quality show and the last time you'll ever get to see such wild abandon up close and personal. Mum's the word!

In a nutshell:

  • Entry to the infamous Bagdad Sex Club
  • Free drink
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