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Barcelona Arabian Baths

Barcelona stag weekends are pretty full on. All that partying in beach clubs, gambling in the casino and playing volleyball on Barceloneta can really take it out of a chap! When it's baking hot outside and you need to take things down a gear or two, escape to the city's sumptuous Arabian Baths. This is a real oasis in a bustling city. You'll get entry to the baths plus a 15-minute massage to relax your body and brain.

Beat the heat, get off the beers for a bit, and unwind in peace and quiet. The baths is basically a hammam with pools at temperatures between 40 and 16 degrees. There's a jacuzzi and salt bath, plus a relaxation room with marble seats.

In addition to being a great place to grab a little R&R, the Arabian Baths is also a brilliant hangover cure. Nothing shifts a fuzzy head and gives toxins the boot quite like switching between hot and cooler pools of water. The steam will clear your head and the cold will jumpstart your circulation. Forget the full English and sweat it out instead!

One of the most popular chill activities for Barcelona stag weekends, the Arabian baths will sort you right out in double quick time.

In a nutshell:

  • Admission to the Arabian Baths in Barcelona
  • Includes a private, 15-minute massage
  • Baths are located in central Barcelona
  • Facilities include hot and cool pools, jacuzzi and salt bath
  • Access to the relaxation room
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