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Ayia Napa Haunted House

Napa's haunted house for big kids! You've got to do this on an Ayia Napa stag weekend. It will separate the men from the boys. Literally, because there's a chicken shit escape door for those who brick it big time. Who will bail early and who will stick it out till the bitter end? Who would you want by your side in a zombie apocalypse? Enter the haunted house and find out who's got balls of steel.

It's called the Paranoia Haunted House for a reason. It messes with your mind. If you didn't think they were out to get you before you went in, you will by the time you get out! It takes about 15 minutes to do the whole thing and works best when you're on a bar crawl.

We won't give the game away by telling you everything. That would take the fun out of it. Let's just say you can expect a bunch of cobwebs and stuff that almost leaps out in the dark and makes you scream like a tiny little girl. Skeletons (obvs) and spiders, because it wouldn't be a haunted house without creepy crawlies now, would it?

Loads of people do this every year and love it. If you think you can handle it, let us know and we'll sort it for your Ayia Napa stag weekend.

In brief:

  • Admission to Paranoia Haunted House
  • Ayia Napa's scariest attraction
  • 15 minutes inside
  • Best done on a bar crawl
  • Guide

This activity is no longer available. From Only £29.00 per Person

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