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Ayia Napa Full Body Massage

This will sort you right out. A full body massage is exactly what you need on an Ayia Napa stag party weekend. You'll need to get a bit of R&R in at some point because even the biggest caner in the group will be begging for mercy after a couple of all nighters in Napa! Escape the madness for a bit and enjoy 45 minutes of total relaxation.

Leave everything to us. We know the best place to get a massage in Ayia Napa and will make the booking for you. We'll even get one of our guides to meet you and take you there. It's not far, so don't worry; having a massage won't eat into your weekend. And it'll put a spring back in your step, which is just what you need after a big night on the strip.

A full body massage has loads of benefits. It's a great stress buster, which is good news for stags suffering from pre-wedding jitters! It's also a big energy booster, can help you sleep better, and ease sore muscles. You might also get a hit of endorphins afterwards, which will make you feel all bouncy and happy.

Last but not least, this is one of the only Ayia Napa stag activities you can do on a hangover! Lying down and chilling for 45 minutes will be no problem.

Get it booked and chill right out.

In brief:

  • Full body massage
  • Lasts 45 minutes
  • Guide will show you the way

This activity is no longer available. From Only £78.00 per Person

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