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Amsterdam Whose Line Is It Anyway

And now for something completely different! Unique, memorable and hilarious, Whose Line Is It Anyway makes for an epic stag weekend in Amsterdam. Improvise and crack wise as you learn the basics of the awesome art of comedy performance.

This is one of those stag weekend activities you can't really do anywhere else! If you want to learn how your favourite comedians can bang out sharp one-liners without thinking, or go on panel shows and rule the screen time with an endless flow of epic jokes, now's your chance.

Based on the classic 90s TV show, Whose Line Is It Anyway is the ultimate slice of retro awesomeness. You'll learn the basics of improv theatre with warm-up games, exercises and challenges with a distinctly matrimonial twist. If you lot remember Clive Anderson putting the teams through their paces on late-night telly, you're going to love this!

Your session will be chaired by a real master of improv, in a theatre located in the middle of Amsterdam. There are literally hundreds of games to choose from, including acting out the worst proposals in history or riffing on crazy marriage rituals from around the world.

Keep the chaps away from Amsterdam's bars and peep shows for a couple of hours, and do something you'll remember for years. Who knows, you might even uncover the next comedy sensation!

In a nutshell:

  • Theatre space
  • Professional improv teacher
  • Hundreds of hilarious games to choose from
  • 2 hr workshop
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