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Amsterdam - Live Sex Show - Stag Party Activities

Amsterdam Live Sex Show

'He whispers in her ear..."I've been craving you all day".

You've not lived unless you've witness the spectacle that is an Amsterdam Live Sex Show. If you're heading to the hedonistic capital for your stag weekend, it's the ultimate event to take your stag party from an 8 to an 11. Do it and watch all the lads cheer.

The live sex show is much more than your average peep show affair. For instance, you aren't in a photobooth type box, staring through a pane of glass at a female that may not even be aware of your existence in the box. When your stag party arrives at the sex show, you'll find your seats around a raised dais, where a lovely couple will get down and dirty within mere inches of your face.

Are you sure we haven't met? I could swear I've seen you naked...

Inside the club is a full bar, so before the show begins, grab a pint and toast the stag on his upcoming leap into married life. Once the show begins, all bets are off. You won't find your mates volunteering to get the next round! Typically, a couple will get on stage for around 20 minutes. There will be breaks in between shows to refill refreshments or have a smoke break.

We can guarantee that by the time your stag party leaves the sex show, all the lads will be ready to get out on the dancefloor to release some of that pent up sexual frustration! Come on, lads, go big or go home for your mates final weekend of freedom.

In a nutshell:

  • Amsterdam Live Sex Show
  • Guest list entry
  • Male/female and female/female shows
  • Ask your stag party planner for further details
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