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Beer with handcuffs

Amsterdam Handcuffed Smurf Bar Crawl

For every stag do, there's a bar crawl. On an Amsterdam stag do, you go on a handcuffed Smurf bar crawl! Chain the stag to a giant lady Smurf and get on the beer. The bar crawl lasts three hours and you get three free shots. Pranks don't get much bigger (or bluer) than this, folks. Forget stag arrests, this will have the lads howling laughing. And it's going to absolutely slay social media. Give us the nod and we'll hook the stag up.

Picture this: the stag is minding his own business, drinking his beer and idly wondering if you've got him a stripper or a lap dance. Suddenly, he hears the clink of metal and the snap of a handcuff being locked. He looks and he's handcuffed to a blue bombshell! She's very keen and definitely the clingy type. She'll stay right by his side from start to finish.

All eyes will be on the unlikely couple as you bounce from bar to bar in central Amsterdam. Do the shots, try a few Dutch beers, and hit the popular places at the right time.

A handcuffed Smurf bar crawl is comedy genius and a golden opportunity to stitch up the stag. Get the boys to chip in and give the groom a blue date for his Amsterdam stag do!

In a nutshell:

  • 3-hour bar crawl of Amsterdam
  • Stag is handcuffed to a female in a Smurf costume
  • 3 shots
  • Handcuffs supplied
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