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Amsterdam Blow Karting

Want to see more than the inside of a rokerij on your Amsterdam stag weekend? Blow karting will get the blood pumping, and cure all but the sternest of hangovers!

Get the chaps out of the bars for an afternoon, and come with us to try one of the world's coolest beach sports. Yes, that's right - Amsterdam is a port city, with easy access to sandy stretches of coastal awesomeness! Jump on a blow kart and refresh yourselves with the ultimate in wind-powered activities.

Blow karting is best described as a cross between windsurfing and go-karting. You'll be controlling a little beach buggy attached to a massive sail, which can get your vehicle moving at nearly 60mph if you catch the wind right!

Your group will be introduced to the blow karts, given a demonstration, and taught to power and steer along one of Amsterdam's beaches. Once you've all got the hang of it, you'll get the chance to race each other down the beach in hilarious challenges. Can you keep your kart steady while you're laughing like a hyena, or will it all go a bit Mario Kart?

In a nutshell:

  • All equipment hire
  • Instruction and safety briefing
  • 1 hr
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