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Water Skiing Experience for Stag Weekends

Water Skiing

Want a water activity you can guarantee everyone will love? Strap on the skis!

Water skiing is one of the most accessible and fun stag do water sports. Anyone can do it, and while a certain amount of skill is involved if you want to pull off killer moves, going in a straight line shouldn't be beyond any of you. Lean back, straighten your legs as the skis begin to move, and keep the line nice and tight. The boat or pulley will do the rest!

Water skiing has opened up in more stag do locations thanks to the invention of the cable ski. Pulley operated water skiing gives you the same sensation as boat operated skis, but without the noise and the added expense of hiring a boat and pilot.

Even the most persistent hangover will give up and go home after a dip in the water! As your body rises from the swell, and the spray hits you, you'll feel the after-effects of last night vanishing in an instant. Pick up speed, lean to either side to carve the wake, and try to keep your legs from splaying out too far.

We operate boat-pulled skiing and cable skiing in a number of our destinations. Find out which ones are currently offering the sport below.

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This activity is available in the following destinations:

we are good to go, visit England
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