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Fuengirola Water Skiing

Think you've got what it takes to master the favourite sport of playboys everywhere? Make like the rich and infamous with an afternoon of water skiing on the glorious blue waters of the Med.

Fuengirola's big draw is its 7 miles of impeccable coastline: making it the perfect spot for a feller to do a bit of oceanic adrenaline-blasting! Get your collective butts off Santa Amalia beach, exchange towels for life vests and find out how hard it is to look like James Bond in real life...

Getting the basics is simple enough - lean back on the cable, and let the boat pull you into a standing position. As long as your weight is focused behind you, and you don't drift too far to either side of the craft that's pulling you, you'll zip along like a pro.

The next step is trying to carve up some spray. Lean into each turn, keep your body straight and let your hips guide you through the next manoeuvre. With expert instructors showing you the ropes, you could go from zero to hero in the course of a single afternoon!

Water skiing is the perfect activity for a stag weekend in Fuengirola. It's hard without being impossible, crazy without being completely insane, and it makes the most of all that water. You know it makes sense...

In a nutshell:

  • Water skiing lesson in Fuengirola
  • Ideal for the Saturday afternoon of your stag weekend
  • Instruction and safety gear
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