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A cross between surfing and waterskiing, wakeboarding puts a satisfying jolt of adrenaline into any stag do! Saddle up with a nippy little board and all the gumption you can muster, for a joy ride that's guaranteed to leave every man jack of you soaking from head to toe.

In some locations, you'll be harnessed to the back of a speedboat. In others, you get strapped up to an ingenious cable contraption, which pulls you around a lake in a huge circle. Either way, you'll be challenged and exhilarated in equal measure. Hold on to the bar, dig your feet into the board, and let the momentum pull you upright. Now the fun really begins...

The key to wakeboarding is to lean back so your line stays tight, and use the rails (edges) of the board to change direction. It's like snowboarding on water. Shift your weight forwards to turn in the direction of your leading foot, and backwards to turn away.

Every chap on the stag do gets detailed instruction from a qualified wakeboarding tutor, who'll get you up and riding in no time. The hard part is staying that way! Can you keep your cool as the board gets faster?

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This activity is available in the following destinations:

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